Ukraine Hotline Bavaria

Telephone: 089/54497199


Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Give us a call!

As a first point of contact, we help Ukrainian refugees, families, and relatives of Ukrainians in Bavaria, as well as committed volunteers who want help out!


We help you by referring you to the right contacts and institutions in Bavaria if you 

  • Have lost contact with relatives or close friends and need to find them,
  • Need information about the current situation on the ground (Ukraine or neighboring countries),
  • Want to help your relatives or close friends in the affected areas (Ukraine or neighboring countries), or
  • Want to help us here in Bavaria as a volunteer.


Our hotline staff can put in contact with Ukrainian nationals who are already in Bavaria, give you Bavarian government information on questions of immigration law and about the accommodation and care of refugees, and refer you, where applicable, to the competent authorities and institutions (immigration authorities, immigrant counselling, etc.).

Please note that our hotline staff cannot give you personalized advice on questions of immigration law (immigration authorities, social counselling for asylum seekers, immigration counselling), but can refer you to the appropriate institutions.

In addition, our employees have no way of arranging housing directly for refugees or accepting and forwarding housing offers. For this purpose, you can visit, a central platform of the Bavarian state government, to obtain information about housing options for people arriving from Ukraine who cannot find accommodation with relatives or friends.

This agency of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Sports, and Integration also connects providers with consumers of other accommodation-related services for asylum seekers such as interpreters and language mediators, as well as transportation options for people inside Bavaria.


How can I donate? 

Monetary donations 

We would be very grateful your financial support of the people in Ukraine and our aid projects: and

Please note that monetary donations are more effective than in-kind donations. Monetary donations immediately help aid organizations and thus the people on the ground.

In-kind donations 

The German federal government and major aid organizations are currently organizing extensive shipments of aid to Ukraine and neighboring countries. However, they are not accepting donations from private individuals at this time.

According to the Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich, smaller-scale donations can be passed on to the many private initiatives or to Ukrainian churches (Munich:; Neu-Ulm:; Bamberg:
They are usually looking for certain items. Before making any donations, please find out what is immediately needed on the ground.